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Rare, Threatened, & Endangered Species & Natural Communities Documented in Lee County, Alabama
Scientific Name Common Name Global
Desmognathus monticola Seal Salamander G5 S5 SP
Circus cyaneus Northern Harrier G5 S3N SP P2
Columbina passerina Common Ground-dove G5 S3 SP
Falco sparverius American Kestrel G5 S3B,S5N SP P2
Mycteria americana Wood Stork G4 S2N LE,PT4 SP P2
Scolopax minor American Woodcock G5 S3B,S5N GB P2
Setophaga petechia Yellow Warbler G5 S2B SP
Agrypnia improba Caddisfly G5 S1
Banksiola concatenata Caddisfly G5 S1
Neophylax ornatus Caddisfly G4G5 S1
Pycnopsyche gentilis Caddisfly G5 S1
Triaenodes taenia Cold Spring Triaenodes Caddisfly G3G4 S1
Cabarus howardi Chattahoochee Crayfish G3 S2 P2
Cambarus bartonii Appalachian Brook Crayfish5 G5 S2
Cambarus halli Slackwater Crayfish G3G4 S3 P2
Cambarus howardi Chattahoochee Crayfish G3Q S2 P2
Procambarus paeninsulanaus Peninsula Crayfish G5 S2
Ferns and relatives
Botrychium jenmanii Alabama Grapefern G3G4 S1
Isoetes virginica Piedmont Quillwort G3 S2
Psilotum nudum Whiskfern G5 S1
Selaginella arenicola ssp. riddellii Riddell's Spikemoss G4T4 S2
Selaginella rupestris Ledge Spike-moss G5 S2S3
Ameiurus catus White Catfish G5 S3 CNGF
Ameiurus serracanthus Spotted Bullhead G3 S2 CNGF
Amerirus brunneus Snail Bullhead G4 S3 CNGF
Campostoma pauciradii Bluefin Stoneroller G4 S2
Cyprinella callitaenia Bluestripe Shiner G2G3 S1S2
Cyprinella gibbsi Tallapoosa Shiner G4 S3
Etheostoma tallapoosae Tallapoosa Darter G4 S3
Hybopsis lineapunctata Lined Chub G3G4 S3
Luxilus zonistius Bandfin Shiner G4 S3
Micropterus cataractae Shoal Bass G3 S2 GF-HP P2
Moxostoma lachneri Greater Jumprock G4 S3 CNGF
Moxostoma sp. cf. poecilurum Apalachicola Redhorse G3 S2 CNGF
Notropis cummingsae Dusky Shiner G5 S2 P2
Notropis hypsilepis Highscale Shiner G3 S2
Perca flavescens Yellow Perch G5 S3 GF
Percina palmaris Bronze Darter G4 S3
Percina smithvanizi Muscadine Darter G3 S2
Pteronotropis euryzonus Broadstripe Shiner G3 S2 P2
Flowering Plants
Baptisia megacarpa Apalachicola Wild Indigo G2 S2
Berberis canadensis American Barberry5 G3 SH
Brickellia cordifolia Flyr's Brickell-bush G2G3 S2
Croomia pauciflora Croomia G3 S2
Echinacea pallida Pale-purple Coneflower G4 S2
Helianthus porteri Confederate Daisy G4 S2
Hymenocallis coronaria Shoals Spider-lily G2Q S2
Hypericum nudiflorum Pretty St. John's-wort G5 S2
Juncus georgianus Georgia Rush G4 S1
Liparis loeselii Lily-leaved Twayblade G5 S1?
Panicum lithophilum Swallen's Panic-grass G2G3Q S1
Parnassia asarifolia Kidneyleaf Grass-of-parnassus G4 S2
Phacelia dubia var. georgiana Outcrop Small-flower Phacelia G5T3 S2
Pycanthemum curvipes A Mountain-mint G3 S1?
Rhododendron prunifolium Plumleaf Azalea G3 S2S3
Rhynchospora saxicola Stone Mountain Beakrush G3Q S1
Rudbeckia heliopsidis Sun-facing Coneflower G2 S2
Trillium reliquum Relict Trillium G3 S2 LE
Trillium rugelii Southern Nodding Trillium G3 S2?
Trillium vaseyi Vasey's Trillium G4 S1?
Waldsteinia lobata Piedmont Barren Strawberry G2G3 S1
Freshwater Mussels
Eliptoides sloatianus Purple Bankclimber G2 S1 LT SP P1
Elliptio fumata Gulf Slabshell G4 S3 PS
Hamiota altilis Fine-lined Pocketbook G2G3 S2 LT SP P2
Hamiota subangulata Shiny-rayed Pocketbook5 G2 S1 LE SP P1
Lampsilis floridensis Florida Sandshell G4 S2 PS
Pleurobema decisum Southern Clubshell G2 S2 LE SP P2
Pleurobema perovatum Ovate Clubshell G1 S1 LE SP P1
Pleurobema pyriforme Oval Pigtoe5 G2 S1 LE SP P1
Quadrula infucata Sculptured Pigtoe G3 S1 PS P1
Strophitus connasaugaensis Alabama Creekmussel G3 S3 PS P2
Toxolasma corvunculus Southern Purple Lilliput5 G1 S1 PS P1
Toxolasma parvum Lilliput G5 S3 PS
Toxolasma paulum Iridescent Lilliput G4G5Q S2 PS
Uniomerus columbensis Apalachicola Pondhorn G3 S2 PS
Villosa villosa Downy Rainbow G3 S1 PS
Tadarida brasiliensis Brazilian Free-tailed Bat G5 S3 P2
Ursus americanus Black Bear6 G5T2 S2 GANOS P1
Zapus hudsonius Meadow Jumping Mouse5 G5 S1 P2
Natural Communities
Selaginella rupestris - Schizachyrium scoparium - Hypericum gentianoides - Bulbostylis capillaris Herbaceous Vegetation Appalachian Low-elevation Granitic Dome G2 S1
Lampropeltis calligaster rhombomaculata Mole Kingsnake G5T5 S3
Lampropeltis getula getula Eastern Kingsnake G5T5 S4 SP P2
Masticophis flagellum Coachwhip G5 S3 SP
Nerodia taxispilota Brown Watersnake G5 S3
Plestiodon inexpectatus Southeastern Five-lined Skink G5 S3 SP P2
Spiders and Other Chelicerates
Tyrannochthonius floridensis A Pseudoscorpion G1G2 S1S2
Deirochelys reticularia Chicken Turtle G5 S3
Macrochelys temminckii Alligator Snapping Turtle G3G4 S3 SP P2

Priority as identified in the State Wildlife Action Plan and its list of Species of Greatest Conservation Concern (for more information on SWAP, see
Listed by USFWS as Endangered in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina; not listed elsewhere. The USFWS proposed reclassifying the continental U.S. breeding population from endangered to threatened on 26 December, 2012.
Historic occurrence.
Reported from the county, but not likely part of an established, self-sustaining population

USFWS Designated Critical Habitat in Lee County, Alabama
Scientific Name Common Name Global
Hamiota altilis Fine-lined Pocketbook G2 S2 LT SP P2
Pleurobema decisum Southern Clubshell G2 S2 LE SP P2
Pleurobema perovatum Ovate Clubshell G1 S1 LE SP P1

Location: Chewacla Creek

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