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Rare, Threatened, & Endangered Species & Natural Communities Documented in Jefferson County, Alabama
Scientific Name Common Name Global
Desmognathus monticola Seal Salamander G5 S5 SP
Necturus alabamensis Black Warrior Waterdog2, 4 G2 S2 C P2
Asio flammeus Short-eared Owl G5 S2N SP P2
Circus cyaneus Northern Harrier G5 S3N SP P2
Falco sparverius American Kestrel G5 S3B,S5N SP P2
Picoides borealis Red-cockaded Woodpecker5 G3 S2 LE SP P1
Scolopax minor American Woodcock G5 S3B,S5N GB P2
Setophaga cerulea Cerulean Warbler5 G4 S1B SP P1
Setophaga petechia Yellow Warbler G5 S2B SP
Thryomanes bewickii Bewick's Wren5 G5 SHB,S1N SP P1
Tyrannus forficatus Scissor-tailed Flycatcher G5 S2 SP
Vireo gilvus Warbling Vireo G5 S1B SP
Cheumatopsyche cahaba Caddisfly G1 S1
Hydropsyche hageni A Caddisfly G5 S2
Cambarus acanthura Thornytail Crayfish5 G4G5 S3
Cambarus ludovicianus Painted Devil Crayfish G5 S2
Diplurans, Springtails, and Proturans
Litocampa sp. 1 A Cave Dipluran G1 S1
Pseudosinella argentea A Springtail GNR S1
Pseudosinella collina A Springtail GNR S1
Dragonflies and Damselflies
Argia plana Springwater Dancer G5 S1
Ferns and relatives
Equisetum arvense Field Horsetail G5 S2
Ferrissia mcneili
Glyphyalinia pecki Blind Glyph2 G1G2 S1S2
Cyprinella caerulea Blue Shiner5 G2 S1 LT SP P2
Etheostoma bellator Warrior Darter2 G2 S2
Etheostoma chermocki Vermilion Darter2 G1 S1 LE SP P1
Etheostoma douglasi Tuskaloosa Darter G3 S2
Etheostoma nuchale Watercress Darter2 G1 S1 LE SP P1
Etheostoma phytophilum Rush Darter G1 S1 LE SP P1
Notropis cahabae Cahaba Shiner2 G2 S2 LE SP P1
Percina aurolineata Goldline Darter G2 S1 LT SP P1
Percina brevicauda Coal Darter2 G2 S2 P2
Flowering Plants
Berberis canadensis American Barberry5 G3 SH
Bigelowia nuttallii Nuttall's Rayless Goldenrod G3G4 S3
Carex decomposita Cypress-knee Sedge G3G4 S1
Cuscuta harperi Harper's Dodder G2G3 S2
Dalea foliosa Leafy Prairie Clover G2G3 S1 LE
Delphinium alabamicum Alabama Larkspur2 G2 S2
Frasera caroliniensis Carolina Gentian G5 S2
Hottonia inflata Featherfoil G4 S2
Hymenocallis coronaria Shoals Spider-lily G2Q S2
Jamesianthus alabamensis Jamesianthus G3 S3
Leavenworthia exigua var. lutea Pasture Glade-cress G4T1 S1
Monarda clinopodia Basil Bee-balm G5 S2
Neviusia alabamensis Alabama Snow-wreath G2 S2
Quercus georgiana Georgia Oak G3 S2
Rudbeckia auriculata Eared Coneflower G2 S2
Scutellaria alabamensis Alabama Skullcap2 G2 S2
Sedum nevii Nevius' Stonecrop G3 S3
Silene caroliniana ssp. wherryi Wherry's Catchfly G5T2T4Q S2
Tradescantia ernestiana Ernest's Spiderwort G3 S1
Triosteum angustifolium Yellowleaf Tinker's-weed G5 S1
Freshwater Mussels
Amblema elliottii Coosa Fiveridge G3 S3 PS
Elliptio arca Alabama Spike G2G3Q S2 PS P1
Elliptio arctata Delicate Spike G2G3Q S2 PS P1
Epioblasma metastriata Upland Combshell5 GH SX LE SP SX
Hamiota altilis Fine-lined Pocketbook G2G3 S2 LT SP P2
Hamiota perovalis Orange-nacre Mucket G2 S2 LT SP P2
Lasmigona alabamensis Alabama Heelsplitter G3 S3 PS
Lasmigona etowaensis Etowah Heelsplitter G3 S2 PS P2
Ligumia recta Black Sandshell5 G5 S2 PS P2
Medionidus parvulus Coosa Moccasinshell5 G1Q SX LE SP EX
Pleurobema decisum Southern Clubshell G2 S2 LE SP P2
Pleurobema perovatum Ovate Clubshell5 G1 S1 LE SP P1
Pleurobema rubellum Dark Pigtoe2, 5 G1G2 S1 LE SP P1
Pleurobema taitianum Heavy Pigtoe5 G1 S1 LE SP P1
Ptychobranchus foremanianus Rayed Kidneyshell G1 S1 LE6 SP P1
Ptychobranchus greenii Triangular Kidneyshell G1 S1 LE SP P1
Quadrula nobilis Gulf Mapleleaf G4 S3 PS
Strophitus subvexus Southern Creekmussel G3 S3 PS
Toxolasma parvum Lilliput G5 S3 PS
Truncilla donaciformis Fawnsfoot G5 S3 PS
Villosa nebulosa Alabama Rainbow G3 S3 PS
Freshwater Snails
Elimia cahawbensis Cahaba Elimia2 G4 S4
Elimia clara Riffle Elimia2 G3 S3
Elimia cochliaris Cockle Elimia2, 5 G1 S1 P1
Elimia comma Hispid Elimia2 G2 S2
Elimia variata Squat Elimia2, 5 G1Q S1 P2
Leptoxis plicata Plicate Rocksnail2 G1 S1 LE SP P1
Lioplax cyclostomaformis Cylindrical Lioplax G1 S1 LE SP P1
Myotis grisescens Gray Bat G3T2 S2N LE SP P1
Myotis sodalis Indiana Bat G2G3 S2N LE SP P1
Ursus americanus Black Bear7 G5T2 S2 GANOS P1
Natural Communities
Bigelowia nuttallii - Coreopsis pulchra - Liatris microcephala Herbaceous Vegetation Sandstone Glade G2? S2
Nyssa biflora / Itea virginica - Cephalanthus occidentalis Depression Forest Swamp Blackgum Depression Forest G3G4 S1
Other Beetles
Anillinus valentinei A Cave Obligate Beetle G3G4 S1
Rhadine caudata A Ground Beetle G3 S2
Speleobama vana A Cave Obligate Beetle2 G1 S1
Lampropeltis calligaster rhombomaculata Mole Kingsnake G5T5 S3
Masticophis flagellum Coachwhip G5 S3 SP
Pituophis melanoleucus melanoleucus Northern Pinesnake G4T4 S3 SP P2
Spiders and Other Chelicerates
Aphrastochthonius pecki A Cave Obligate Pseudoscorpion2 G1 S1
Appaleptoneta jonesi A Cave Spider2 G1 S1
Cicurina minima Cave Spider GNR SNR
Graptemys geographica Northern Map Turtle G5 S3
Graptemys pulchra Alabama Map Turtle G4 S3 SP
Sternotherus depressus Flattened Musk Turtle2 G2 S2 LT SP8 P2

Priority as identified in the State Wildlife Action Plan and its list of Species of Greatest Conservation Concern (for more information on SWAP, see
Alabama endemic.
Potentially occurs in the county.
Historic occurrence.
Ptychobranchus greenii was listed as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act in 1993. Williams et al. (2008) restricted its distribution to the Black Warrior and Tombigbee River systems, with the form in the remainder of the Mobile Basin recognized as Ptychobranchus foremanianus.
Reported from the county, but not likely part of an established, self-sustaining population
Protected under Alabama Game, Fish and Wildlife Laws, Section 9-11-269, as well as the Nongame Regulation.

USFWS Designated Critical Habitat in Jefferson County, Alabama
Scientific Name Common Name Global
Epioblasma metastriata Upland Combshell GH SX LE SP SX
Epioblasma othcaloogensis Southern Acornshell GHQ SX LE SP SX
Hamiota altilis Fine-lined Pocketbook G2 S2 LT SP P2
Hamiota perovalis Orange-nacre Mucket G2 S2 LT SP P2
Medionidus acutissimus Alabama Moccasinshell G2 S1 LT SP P2
Pleurobema decisum Southern Clubshell G2 S2 LE SP P2
Pleurobema furvum Dark Pigtoe G1Q S1 LE SP P1
Pleurobema perovatum Ovate Clubshell G1 S1 LE SP P1
Ptychobranchus greenii Triangular Kidneyshell G1 S1 LE SP P1

Location: Cahaba River, Locust Fork

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