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Rare, Threatened, & Endangered Species & Natural Communities Documented in Etowah County, Alabama
Scientific Name Common Name Global
Desmognathus aeneus Seepage Salamander G3G4 S2 SP P2
Desmognathus ocoee Mountain Dusky Salamander G5 S2
Asio flammeus Short-eared Owl G5 S2N SP P2
Falco sparverius American Kestrel G5 S3B,S5N SP P2
Scolopax minor American Woodcock G5 S3B,S5N GB P2
Thryomanes bewickii Bewick's Wren4 G5 SHB,S1N SP P1
Vireo solitarius Blue-headed Vireo G5 S3B,S4N SP
Butterflies and Skippers
Speyeria diana Diana G3G4 S2
Cambarus acanthura Thornytail Crayfish4 G4G5 S3
Cambarus manningi Greensadle Crayfish G4 S2
Ferns and relatives
Asplenium bradleyi Bradley's Spleenwort G4 S2
Asplenium ruta-muraria Wall Rue Spleenwort G5 S2
Asplenium trichomanes Maidenhair Spleenwort G5 S2S3
Trichomanes petersii Dwarf Filmy-fern G4G5 S2
Cyprinella caerulea Blue Shiner4 G2 S1 LT SP P2
Etheostoma ditrema Coldwater Darter G2 S1 SP
Etheostoma phytophilum Rush Darter G1 S1 LE SP P1
Etheostoma sp. cf. bellator Locust Fork Darter2 GNR S1 P2
Etheostoma trisella Trispot Darter G1G2 S1 SP EX
Hybopsis lineapunctata Lined Chub G3G4 S3
Percina palmaris Bronze Darter G4 S3
Flowering Plants
Aplectrum hyemale Puttyroot G5 S2
Aralia racemosa American Spikenard G4G5 S1
Asclepias exaltata Poke Milkweed G5 S1
Bigelowia nuttallii Nuttall's Rayless Goldenrod G3G4 S3
Celastrus scandens Climbing Bittersweet G5 S2
Clematis socialis Alabama Leather-flower G1 S1 LE
Coreopsis pulchra Woodland Tickseed G2 S2
Croomia pauciflora Croomia G3 S2
Cuscuta harperi Harper's Dodder G2G3 S2
Dicentra cucullaria Dutchman's Breeches G5 S2
Isotria verticillata Large Whorled Pogonia G5 S2
Lilium canadense Canada Lily G5 S2
Marshallia mohrii Mohr's Barbara's Button G3 S3 LT
Monarda clinopodia Basil Bee-balm G5 S2
Orobanche uniflora One-flowered Broomrape G5 S2
Prenanthes barbata Barbed Rattlesnake-root G3 S1S2
Quercus boyntonii Boynton's Sand Post Oak G1 S1
Sarracenia oreophila Green Pitcher Plant G2 S2 LE
Schoenolirion wrightii Texas Sunnybell G3 S1
Silene caroliniana ssp. wherryi Wherry's Catchfly G5T2T4Q S2
Silene ovata Ovate Catchfly G3 S2
Symphyotrichum georgianum Georgia Aster4 G2G3 S3 C
Tradescantia ernestiana Ernest's Spiderwort G3 S1
Trillium flexipes Nodding Trillium G5 S2S3
Triosteum angustifolium Yellowleaf Tinker's-weed G5 S1
Viburnum bracteatum Limerock Arrowwood G1G2 S1
Freshwater Mussels
Amblema elliottii Coosa Fiveridge G3 S3 PS
Anodonta suborbiculata Flat Floater G5 S3 PS
Elliptio arca Alabama Spike G2G3Q S2 PS P1
Elliptio arctata Delicate Spike G2G3Q S2 PS P1
Epioblasma metastriata Upland Combshell4 GH SX LE SP SX
Epioblasma othcaloogensis Southern Acornshell4 GHQ SX LE SP SX
Hamiota altilis Fine-lined Pocketbook G2G3 S2 LT SP P2
Lasmigona alabamensis Alabama Heelsplitter G3 S3 PS
Lasmigona etowaensis Etowah Heelsplitter G3 S2 PS P2
Medionidus parvulus Coosa Moccasinshell4 G1Q SX LE SP EX
Pleurobema decisum Southern Clubshell G2 S2 LE SP P2
Pleurobema georgianum Southern Pigtoe G1 S1 LE SP P1
Pleurobema hanleyianum Georgia Pigtoe4 G1 SX C SP EX
Pleurobema hartmanianum Cherokee Pigtoe4 G1 SX PS
Pleurobema perovatum Ovate Clubshell G1 S1 LE SP P1
Ptychobranchus foremanianus Rayed Kidneyshell G1 S1 LE5 SP P1
Strophitus connasaugaensis Alabama Creekmussel G3 S3 PS P2
Toxolasma corvunculus Southern Purple Lilliput G1 S1 PS P1
Toxolasma parvum Lilliput G5 S3 PS
Truncilla donaciformis Fawnsfoot G5 S3 PS
Villosa nebulosa Alabama Rainbow G3 S3 PS
Villosa umbrans Coosa Creekshell4 G2 S2 PS P2
Freshwater Snails
Elimia crenatella Lacey Elimia2, 4 G1 S1 P1
Myotis grisescens Gray Bat G3T2 S2N LE SP P1
Myotis sodalis Indiana Bat G2G3 S2N LE SP P1
Ursus americanus Black Bear6 G5T2 S2 GANOS P1
Natural Communities
Bigelowia nuttallii - Coreopsis pulchra - Liatris microcephala Herbaceous Vegetation Sandstone Glade G2? S2
Quercus prinus - Carya ovata - Quercus rubra / Acer saccharum Forest Chestnut Oak - Shagbark Hickory - Sugar Maple Forest G4? S1
Lampropeltis calligaster rhombomaculata Mole Kingsnake G5T5 S3
Plestiodon inexpectatus Southeastern Five-lined Skink G5 S3 SP P2
Graptemys pulchra Alabama Map Turtle G4 S3 SP
Sternotherus depressus Flattened Musk Turtle2 G2 S2 LT SP7 P2

Priority as identified in the State Wildlife Action Plan and its list of Species of Greatest Conservation Concern (for more information on SWAP, see
Alabama endemic.
Historic occurrence.
Ptychobranchus greenii was listed as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act in 1993. Williams et al. (2008) restricted its distribution to the Black Warrior and Tombigbee River systems, with the form in the remainder of the Mobile Basin recognized as Ptychobranchus foremanianus.
Reported from the county, but not likely part of an established, self-sustaining population
Protected under Alabama Game, Fish and Wildlife Laws, Section 9-11-269, as well as the Nongame Regulation.

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