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Rare, Threatened, & Endangered Species & Natural Communities Documented in Dallas County, Alabama
Scientific Name Common Name Global
Amphiuma tridactylum Three-toed Amphiuma G5 S3
Asio flammeus Short-eared Owl G5 S2N SP P2
Chondestes grammacus Lark Sparrow G5 S3B SP
Columbina passerina Common Ground-dove G5 S3 SP
Elanoides forficatus Swallow-tailed Kite G5 S2 SP P2
Ixobrychus exilis Least Bittern G5 S2N,S4B SP P2
Mycteria americana Wood Stork G4 S2N LE,PT4 SP P2
Passerina ciris Painted Bunting G5 S2B SP
Peucaea aestivalis Bachman's Sparrow G3 S3 SP P2
Picoides borealis Red-cockaded Woodpecker G3 S2 LE SP P1
Tyrannus forficatus Scissor-tailed Flycatcher G5 S2 SP
Oecetis morsei Caddisfly G2G3 S1
Cambarus ludovicianus Painted Devil Crayfish G5 S2
Fallicambarus fodiens Digger Crayfish G5 S3
Hobbseus prominens Prominence Riverlet Crayfish5 G4G5 S3
Orconectes chickasawae Chickasaw Crayfish G5 S2 P2
Orconectes holti Bimaculate Crayfish G3Q S3 P2
Procambarus marthae Crisscross Crayfish G3 S2
Alosa alabamae Alabama Shad G2G3 S2 SC6 SP P2
Crystallaria asprella Crystal Darter G3 S3 SP
Cycleptus meridionalis Southeastern Blue Sucker G3G4 S3 CNGF
Etheostoma histrio Harlequin Darter G5 S3
Etheostoma zonifer Backwater Darter G3G4 S3
Hiodon tergisus Mooneye G5 S3S4
Hybognathus hayi Cypress Minnow G4G5 S3
Hybognathus nuchalis Mississippi Silvery Minnow G5 S4
Notropis maculatus Taillight Shiner G5 S3
Notropis uranoscopus Skygazer Shiner G3 S2
Noturus mocturnus Freckled Madtom G5 S3 CNGF
Noturus munitus Frecklebelly Madtom G3 S2 CNGF, SP P2
Percina lenticula Freckled Darter G3 S2S3
Percina shumardi River Darter G5 S3
Percina suttkusi Gulf Logperch G5 S3
Polyodon spathula Paddlefish G4 S3 SP, CNGF7
Pteronotropis welaka Bluenose Shiner G3G4 S2 P2
Scaphirhynchus suttkusi Alabama Sturgeon G1 S1 LE SP P1
Flowering Plants
Agalinis heterophylla Prairie False-foxglove G4G5 S2
Agalinis oligophylla Ridge-stem False-foxglove G4 S1
Apios priceana Price's Potato-bean G2 S2 LT
Arabis georgiana Georgia Rock-cress G1 S1 C
Astragalus canadensis Canadian Milkvetch G5 S1
Astragalus obcordatus Florida Milkvetch G3G4 S1
Crataegus ashei Ash's Hawthorn G1 S1
Crataegus triflora Three-flowered Hawthorn G2G3 S2
Cypripedium candidum Small White Lady's-slipper G4 S1
Delphinium alabamicum Alabama Larkspur2 G2 S2
Desmodium ochroleucum Creamflower Tick-trefoil G1G2 S1S2
Draba cuneifolia Wedge-leaf Whitlow-grass G5 S1
Echinodorus parvulus Dwarf Burhead G3Q S1
Evolvulus sericeus var. sericeus Creeping Morning-glory G5T3T5 S1
Hottonia inflata Featherfoil G4 S2
Mirabilis albida Pale Umbrella-wort G5 S2
Paronychia herniarioides Coastal Plain Nailwort G2G4 S1
Prenanthes barbata Barbed Rattlesnake-root G3 S1S2
Rhamnus lanceolata Lance-leaved Buckthorn G5 S2
Rudbeckia triloba var. pinnatiloba Pinnate-lobed Black-eyed Susan G5T3 S2S3
Silene ovata Ovate Catchfly G3 S2
Silphium perplexum Old Cahaba Rosinweed2 G1 S1
Stylisma aquatica Water Southern Morning-glory G4 S1
Stylisma pickeringii var pickeingii Pickering's Morning-glory G4T3 S1
Trillium lancifolium Narrow-leaved Trillium G3 S2S3
Triosteum angustifolium Yellowleaf Tinker's-weed G5 S1
Veronicastrum virginicum Culver's Root G4 S1
Freshwater Mussels
Anodonta suborbiculata Flat Floater G5 S3 PS
Anodontoides radiatus Rayed Creekshell G3 S3 PS P2
Arcidens confragosus Rock Pocketbook G4 S3 PS
Elliptio arca Alabama Spike G2G3Q S2 PS P1
Epioblasma penita Southern Combshell5 G1 S1 LE SP P1
Hamiota altilis Fine-lined Pocketbook G2G3 S2 LT SP P2
Hamiota perovalis Orange-nacre Mucket G2 S2 LT SP P2
Lasmigona alabamensis Alabama Heelsplitter G3 S3 PS
Ligumia recta Black Sandshell5 G5 S2 PS P2
Ligumia subrostrata Pondmussel5 G5 S3 PS
Pleurobema decisum Southern Clubshell G2 S2 LE SP P2
Pleurobema perovatum Ovate Clubshell5 G1 S1 LE SP P1
Pleurobema taitianum Heavy Pigtoe G1 S1 LE SP P1
Potamilus inflatus Alabama Heelsplitter5 G1G2Q S1S2 LT SP P2
Quadrula metanevra Monkeyface G4 S3 PS
Quadrula nobilis Gulf Mapleleaf G4 S3 PS
Quadrula stapes Stirrupshell8, 5 GH SX LE SP
Strophitus connasaugaensis Alabama Creekmussel G3 S3 PS P2
Toxolasma corvunculus Southern Purple Lilliput5 G1 S1 PS P1
Toxolasma parvum Lilliput G5 S3 PS
Truncilla donaciformis Fawnsfoot G5 S3 PS
Freshwater Snails
Leptoxis picta Spotted Rocksnail2 G1 S1 SP P2
Lepyrium showalteri Flat Pebblesnail2, 5 G1 S1 LE SP P1
Pleurocera prasinata Smooth Hornsnail2 G3Q S3
Tulotoma magnifica Alabama Livebearing Snail2 G2 S2 LT SP P1
Geomys pinetis Southeastern Pocket Gopher5 G5 S3 SP P2
Ursus americanus Black Bear9 G5T2 S2 GANOS P1
Natural Communities
Schizachyrium scoparium - Sorghastrum nutans - Dalea candida - Liatris squarrosa - (Silphium terebinthinaceum) Black Belt Herbaceous Vegetation Black Belt Prairie G1 S1
Lampropeltis getula holbrooki Speckled Kingsnake G5T5 S4 SP P2
Masticophis flagellum Coachwhip G5 S3 SP
Deirochelys reticularia Chicken Turtle G5 S3
Graptemys nigrinoda nigrinoda Black-knobbed Sawback G3T3Q S3 SP
Graptemys pulchra Alabama Map Turtle G4 S3 SP

Priority as identified in the State Wildlife Action Plan and its list of Species of Greatest Conservation Concern (for more information on SWAP, see
Alabama endemic.
Listed by USFWS as Endangered in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina; not listed elsewhere. The USFWS proposed reclassifying the continental U.S. breeding population from endangered to threatened on 26 December, 2012.
Historic occurrence.
Listed as a species of concern by the National Marine Fisheries Service (Federal Register 69(73):19975-19979, available at ).
Polyodon spathula is not included in the list of protected species of the Nongame Species Regulation (Regulation 220-2-.92), but is protected by Regulations 220-2-.94 Prohibition of Taking or Possessing Paddlefish (Spoonbill) and 220-2-.43 Unlawful to Willfully Waste Paddlefish.
Possibly extinct
Reported from the county, but not likely part of an established, self-sustaining population

USFWS Designated Critical Habitat in Dallas County, Alabama
Scientific Name Common Name Global
Hamiota perovalis Orange-nacre Mucket G2 S2 LT SP P2
Medionidus acutissimus Alabama Moccasinshell G2 S1 LT SP P2
Pleurobema decisum Southern Clubshell G2 S2 LE SP P2

Location: Bogue Chitto Creek, Alabama River

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