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Rare, Threatened, & Endangered Species & Natural Communities Documented in Barbour County, Alabama
Scientific Name Common Name Global
Desmognathus apalachicolae Apalachicola Dusky Salamander G4 S3
Lithobates capito Gopher Frog4 G3 S2 SP P1
Columbina passerina Common Ground-dove G5 S3 SP
Eudocimus albus White Ibis G5 S2B,S3N
Ixobrychus exilis Least Bittern G5 S2N,S4B SP P2
Mycteria americana Wood Stork G4 S2N LE,PT5 SP P2
Passerina ciris Painted Bunting G5 S2B SP
Peucaea aestivalis Bachman's Sparrow G3 S3 SP P2
Picoides borealis Red-cockaded Woodpecker G3 S2 LE SP P1
Porphyrio martinicus Purple Gallinule G5 S3B GB
Rallus elegans King Rail G4 S2S3B,S4N SC GB
Scolopax minor American Woodcock G5 S3B,S5N GB P2
Cernotina truncona Florida Cernotinan Caddisfly G4 S1
Psilotreta labida Caddisfly G5 S1
Conifers and relatives
Pinus serotina Pond Pine G5 S1
Procambarus lewisi Spur Crayfish4 G2G3 S3 P2
Ferns and relatives
Isoetes melanopoda Blackfoot Quillwort G5 S1
Ameiurus catus White Catfish G5 S3 CNGF
Ameiurus serracanthus Spotted Bullhead G3 S2 CNGF
Amerirus brunneus Snail Bullhead G4 S3 CNGF
Campostoma pauciradii Bluefin Stoneroller G4 S2
Cyprinella callitaenia Bluestripe Shiner G2G3 S1S2
Etheostoma davisoni Choctawhatchee Darter G4 S3
Fundulus escambia Russetfin Topminnow G4 S3
Luxilus zonistius Bandfin Shiner G4 S3
Micropterus cataractae Shoal Bass G3 S2 GF-HP P2
Moxostoma lachneri Greater Jumprock G4 S3 CNGF
Moxostoma sp. cf. poecilurum Apalachicola Redhorse G3 S2 CNGF
Notropis harperi Redeye Chub G4 S3
Perca flavescens Yellow Perch G5 S3 GF
Pteronotropis euryzorus Broadstripe Shiner G3 S2 P2
Pteronotropis merlini Orangetail Shiner GNR S3
Pteronotropis signipinnis Flagfin Shiner G5 S3
Flowering Plants
Carex fissa var. aristata Hammock Sedge G4?T4? S1
Croomia pauciflora Croomia G3 S2
Croton elliottii Elliott's Croton G2G3 S1
Dyschoriste oblongifolia Oblong-leaved Dyschoriste G4G5 S1
Lobelia boykinii Boykin's Lobelia G2G3 S1S2
Matelea baldwyniana Baldwin's Milkvine G3 S1
Rhexia aristosa Awned Meadowbeauty G3G4 S1
Rhododendron minus Carolina Rhododendron G4 S2
Rhododendron prunifolium Plumleaf Azalea G3 S2S3
Rudbeckia auriculata Eared Coneflower G2 S2
Stewartia malacodendron Silky Camellia G4 S2S3
Zigadenus leimanthoides Crow-poison G4Q S1
Freshwater Mussels
Anodontoides radiatus Rayed Creekshell G3 S3 PS
Elliptio arctata Delicate Spike G2G3Q S2 PS P1
Elliptio fumata Gulf Slabshell G4 S3 PS
Elliptio mcmichaeli Fluted Elephant-ear G3 S2 PS P1
Fusconaia burkei Tapered Pigtoe G2G3 S1 LT SP P2
Hamiota australis Southern Sandshell G2G3 S1S2 LT SP P1
Hamiota subangulata Shiny-rayed Pocketbook4 G2 S1 LE SP P1
Lampsilis floridensis Florida Sandshell G4 S2 PS
Pleurobema strodeanum Fuzzy Pigtoe G2G3 S2 LT SP P2
Ptychobranchus jonesi Southern Kidneyshell G1 S1 LE SP P1
Pyganodon cataract Eastern Floater4 G5 S1 PS
Quadrula infucata Sculptured Pigtoe4 G3 S1 PS P1
Quadrula succissa Purple Pigtoe G3G4 S3 PS
Toxolasma sp. 1 Gulf Lilliput G2 S2 PS
Villosa choctawensis Choctaw Bean G2G3 S2 LE SP P2
Freshwater Snails
Elimia glarea Gravel Elimia2 G3 S3
Geomys pinetis Southeastern Pocket Gopher G5 S3 SP P2
Ursus americanus Black Bear6 G5T2 S2 GANOS P1
Natural Communities
Pinus palustris - Pinus (echinata, taeda) - Quercus (incana, margarettiae, falcata, laevis) Woodland Fire-suppressed Longleaf Sandhill G4 SNR
Quercus phellos - Quercus nigra - Quercus alba / Chasmanthium (laxum, sessiliflorum) Forest East Gulf Coastal Plain Oak-sweetgum Small Stream Floodplain Forest G3G4 SNR
Quercus phellos / Carex (albolutescens, intumescens, joorii) - Chasmanthium laxum / Sphagnum lescurii Forest Atlantic Upland Depression Willow Oak Swamp Forest G2G3 SNR
Crotalus adamanteus Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake G4 S3 P2
Lampropeltis getula getula Eastern Kingsnake G5T5 S4 SP P2
Masticophis flagellum Coachwhip G5 S3 SP
Micrurus fulvius Eastern Coralsnake G5 S3 SP P2
Nerodia taxispilota Brown Watersnake G5 S3
Gopherus polyphemus Gopher Tortoise G3 S3 C7 SP P2
Graptemys barbouri Barbour's Map Turtle G2 S2 SP P2

Priority as identified in the State Wildlife Action Plan and its list of Species of Greatest Conservation Concern (for more information on SWAP, see
Alabama endemic.
Historic occurrence.
Listed by USFWS as Endangered in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina; not listed elsewhere. The USFWS proposed reclassifying the continental U.S. breeding population from endangered to threatened on 26 December, 2012.
Reported from the county, but not likely part of an established, self-sustaining population
Listed by USFWS as Threatened west of the Mobile and Tombigbee rivers in Alabama (Choctaw, Mobile, and Washington counties), Mississippi, and Louisiana. Eastern populations were elevated to a candidate for protection under the federal Endangered Species Act 27 July 2011.

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